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Kirsten Coleman

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Is your website ranking?

Can your customers find you online? heres a quick and easy way to test it yourself, and help identify if you need to improve your SEO.

Have you ever checked to see where your business appears in Google, and made the mistake of typing in your business name and it comes up in 1st position, and you think, ‘Great, customers can find me easily’, It’s an easy mistake to make…

Of course you want to come up straight away in the search results (SERPS) for your business name, but thats normally quite easy to do, what you really want, is to appear at the top of the results (Rank) for key search terms, that potential customers would look for, and will likely convert into a sale.

For example, a construction company, might want to rank for ‘Loft Conversion’ as this could be a core service they provide, so ideally when someone types in that search term, they’d want their website to appear at the top. It’s important to try and focus on words where their intent to buy is high, so someone searching for ‘loft conversion costs’ is probably seriously considering getting it done if they are researching the cost, so it’s a great opportunity for the builders to introduce themselves via the website as early as possible.

Test for yourself

You can test this out yourself by typing the keywords and phrases you think a customer might be looking for, but your home or office computer will probably have cached information about what you normally look for so will skew the results. For example if you often visit your own website, the search engine will automatically put your site higher up in the search results because it thinks this will be more relevant if you’ve used it in the past. Therefore to get a more accurate representation of what other people will see, you’ll need to open your browser in Incognito mode.

Incognito mode will ignore all your historical search history and cached info, so you’re a completely new person to the browsers, however bear in mind that it will still be using location information from your IP, so there will be some bias with showing you more local matches first.

To open a browser in Incognito mode, you simply right-hand click on the browser icon, and select Incognito mode.

This short video below will show you a summary.

Next steps

Once you’ve identified where you rank on key search terms, it will help you decide if you need to improve in those areas, and which ones should be a priority.

Follow Verite Marketing for more hints and tips on how you can improve your SEO, but Search Engine Optimisation can be very competitive so it you’re able to, its much better to get an expert SEO company to help.

A trusted SEO agency will be able to do a full audit and show you where you rank for hundreds of search terms using special software, they can also look at doing a content gap analysis, backlinks audit, and help create on-page copy to help improve your website visibility.

Verite Marketing offer full SEO services, so give us a call and we can discuss recommendations

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