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Kirsten Coleman

Kirsten Coleman

15 wonderful years in Marketing, helping global brands and charities, now focusing on helping smaller businesses navigate the digital minefield. BA in Marketing Management,

Who are Verite Marketing

We're small now, but with a drive to deliver great results for our clients with integrity, we'll be the go-to Digital Marketing Agency before you know it!

The Founder

I’m Kirsten,  the founder of Verite Marketing which I started in 2021. After 15 years experience looking after clients including Renault, Honda, Cancer research UK and WWF, it was the right time to start an agency that was better aligned with my principles of trust and integrity.

Thats not to say that all agencies are unscrupulous and deceitful, but sometimes with larger companies its easy for them to become very focused on commercials, and core values are diluted through a workforce who are just prioritising the metrics they are measured on such as sales.

Of course we need to make money as a business, but I believe if we give honest advice then our clients will choose to partner with us based on that trust, so no hard sell required.

Founder Kirsten Coleman at Verite Marketing

Our Name


Our name doesn’t define us, but it reminds us of our founding principles each day. Verite comes from the french word vérité which translates into into English as Truth, Certainty, Genuineness. 

The French influence comes from my friend who lives in France, with the dream of being able to visit each other without the restrictions of being tied to a desk, if the job gets done, and done well, then it doesn’t matter if its poolside in Bordeaux! Life is too short!

Our Team


The Verite team is made up of various experts in their own digital fields, who are called upon when their particular skillset are required. These are individuals that have worked with me historically and are trusted with a proven track record of being awesome at what they do. I would never outsource work to someone that I didn’t know personally and could vouch for, as at the end of the day, Verite is my brand, and my reputation, so I’m accountable for the quality of all work.

We have an SEO manager that leads a team of SEO experts working on a well known online brand, as well as a PPC guy that has got the golden touch when it comes to optimising and running successful paid for ads, and finally a couple of creative ladies covering digital design with well known publications and photography. Finally myself with the support of others looking after web design and social media management.


Verite Marketing core values of Honesty, Integrity and expertise


As a multi discipline agency, we have various solutions to enhance your business, so only after a conversation with you to better understand your business and objectives, will we make recommendations. Therefore, we guarantee, we will only suggest things that we feel will be of value to you, rather than selling you something you don’t need. 


If you’re considering enhancing your online presence, have a quick look through our homepage, then drop us a call, as we’d love to talk to you and see how we can help.

Verite Marketing offer full SEO services, so give us a call and we can discuss recommendations

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